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Fortnite: The Newest Phenomenon


Written by Lee Broderick and Logan Smith
Photos by Lee Broderick

Released last September, Fortnite is right now by many measures the most popular video game in the world. It’s a mass online brawl where 100 players jump out of a plane onto a small island and fight each other until there is one person or team remaining. Around the island, there are weapons and items like rifles and shotguns. You may also have to collect resources so you can build a structure when in a battle. There are different modes like solo mode, duo mode, squad mode and many more.  Many students in the school have heard or even play Fortnite. We asked a couple students on how they felt about Fortnite.

Junior John Leviness said, “I play Fortnite because it’s a fun game that I play with my friends.” John also said that he plays for double-digit hours on the weekend because Fortnite is a lifestyle.

Junior Paddy Murray said, “I play Fornite because it’s a fun interactive game that I can play with a lot of my friends and I can show off my skills.” Paddy also said, “I play Fortnite after homework because my parents will get at me.”

Junior Ryan Caldwell said I play Fortnite because its fun but there’s a lot of disadvantages for playing it. I’ve probably wasted $300 on buying skins so that’s the one problem with Fortnite. Ryan also commented, ” I love watching Fortnite videos, they are always fun to watch and daily funny moments are very funny.”

Sophmore Sarah Kuever does not play Fortnite. Sarah said, “I haven’t played Fortnite because I don’t understand what the point of the game, and why people find it so fun.” Sarah also said, “It doesn’t really bother me, I just don’t know why people play it all the time.”

Fortnite is a very fun and interactive game. Hopefully it doesn’t drive the students away from doing their homework as well as paying attention in class.

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