Morgan Seniors Talk About Their Jobs


Written by Tony Coretti & Joey Piacentini |
Photos by Joey Piacentini |

A great way for students to prepare for the future is holding a job while in high school. There are many employment opportunities around the Shoreline towns that are great for high schoolers. Six Morgan seniors shared details about their jobs.

Lauren Shields

Senior Lauren Shields works at Dunkin Donuts, near Stop & Shop. She has been employed there for a year and a half. The skills that are required for her job include great communication, money management, cleanliness, and patience. Some of the tasks for this job include making coffee, working the cash register, and cleaning up the store. Lauren says that she would recommend this job for high schoolers because it is an easy way to make money and friends. The only downside that she commented on was that she feels that she is underpaid, but she did say that she gets great hours and tips.

John Pryor

Senior John Pryor works for New England Road Inc. This is a family company that John was born into and has been working at for over 4 years. This is a highly skilled job where handiness, strength, and competence are all needed. Some of the tasks that John does are assembling bridges and working on roads or highways. John says that this would not be a great job for high schoolers because the hours are very late, and the work is very tough. Sometimes John will have to work across the state until 2 am on school nights due to the enduring workload. Also, it is required that you have past experience working with a lot of specific tools and equipment.

Carly Schmeidler

Senior Carly Schmeidler works as a sales associate at the Polo outlet in Clinton Crossing. She has been working there for 2 years and believes that she gets paid well. Some of the skills required as a sales associate include great attitude, communication, and experience with the cash register. Some of the everyday tasks that she does are folding clothes,  working the cash register, and being aware of the security system.  She also added that her co-workers are funny and helpful, and she would recommend this job for high schoolers.

Tyler Newfield

Senior Tyler Newfield has been working as a server at Shanks in Clinton for 2 years. He says he likes the job because he gets very good tip money from the customers. Some of the skills that are required as a server are great communication, friendliness, and menu knowledge. At a regular day on the job, Tyler portions and brings out food, and at the end of the night, cleans the basement, kitchen, and takes out the trash. He definitely recommends this job for high schoolers because it is a wonderful restaurant in a prime location; the money is great, and it is a relaxed environment. Tyler also talked about how his co-workers are almost all high schoolers or college students that are very funny and helpful.

Vincent Tino

Senior Vincent Tino, as of this past February, had been working as a sales associate at Olympia Sports in Old Saybrook for a year and a half. The skills needed are knowing how to work a cash register, communication, and sports knowledge. Some of the everyday tasks that Tino did at work were folding/hanging clothes, helping out with equipment, and vacuuming. Tino says that this is a good job for high schoolers because it is easy, and there is a 40% discount for employees. Unfortunately, the Olympia Sports in Old Saybrook closed, but Tino works at Shanks now.

Patrick Markovics

Senior Patrick Markovics was recently employed at Waters Edge Resort in Westbrook. As a part of the activities personnel, he believes he makes great pay and tips. The skills needed are great communication, teamwork, and maintaining an upbeat attitude. Patrick sets up umbrellas, rakes the sand, folds towels, and works the activities. Patrick recommends this job for high schoolers who love the water, but the required age is 18 years old to be employed. Also, the hours are very flexible and great for any student during the summer.

For students looking for summer employment, check out the jobs bulletin board in the guidance office. Make sure to apply early and to as many places as possible.