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Blast from the Past


Written by Maria Putnam |

September of 2012, New Year, new schedule, and all new classes. At first Journalism was just an elective to me and most of my other classmates. I had asked other students who had posted their new schedules and were also in B period Journalism with Chausse what to expect. I soon found out that journalism was a new elective in the curriculum; I was really interested in what would become of this class, especially since the class was mostly made up of seniors, and I was only a junior. After several classes, The Morgan PawPrint was born. Some students took the class in the first place because they were interested in furthering their career in writing, while others simply took it for a different experience. I am now a senior and still writing for the Morgan PawPrint, and Mrs. Chausse and I decided to check up on what last year’s seniors are up to now with college life. I contacted as many old classmates as I could remember, but most were too busy with work and school to find time to give a summary of their life now. However, I did get in touch with Stephanie Strucaly and Alexandria Kamitzer.

Both last year seniors were editors on The Morgan Pawprint.  They  had the privilege of having head positions on the new blog we created for our school and community.

Alexandria Kamitzer is currently going to Southern CT University with Elementary & Math Majors : “Since the PawPrint I have used my knowledge to take a technology course where I was asked to do many of the same tasks I did as a member of the PawPrint. It was because of the PawPrint and what I had learned that I was able to succeed and help others in that class.”

Stephanie Strucaly is  currently a freshman enrolled in her second semester at the University of Pittsburgh.  “I have not declared my major yet, but I am on the track to double major in Anthropology and History of Art and Architecture.  With these degrees I’d love to one day be the director or curator of a museum, or even do fieldwork at archaeological sites.  Going to a big school forced me to get active in student life in order to meet people.  Early on in my fall semester, I ran for the treasurer position of my residence hall.  I was elected to the position and now I am able to plan student fundraisers and events for my hall with the rest of the council.  My transition from little Morgan to Pitt could not have been any easier.”

Not only have these two freshmen in college been able to use what they learned from the PawPrint to their advantage, but I as a senior in high school, I have been able to also. Being a part of the PawPrint gives students a chance to practice their writing skills, editing skills, and grammar. This can help anybody with an essay in any other subject they are taking, whether on a college level or even just a high school level. Many different sources of technology are also used within the PawPrint. From cameras to computers and different programs on the Internet that make our articles reach their full potential, The PawPrint gives students a chance to learn how to use these technology sources. As Alex said, it is what she learned in The PawPrint that helped her succeed in where she is now.The PawPrint is always welcoming new writers and is open to new ideas. The variety and talent is endless. Not only will the PawPrint benefit you, but everybody can benefit The PawPrint in their own way!

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    ebradley18Mar 20, 2013 at 10:07 am

    This article was very well written! I loved how you talked to previous journalism students. This showed me how journalism is going to benefit me in my future after high school!