Live Broadcast Coming Soon


Written by Ashlynn Leka and Lee Broderick |

During the 2017-2018 school year, The Morgan School offered a new elective that is a hit with many students: Live Broadcast. This class is taught by technology teacher Jessica Mularski. Students work with computers, cameras, and lighting systems. This class will be producing a live broadcast of the daily announcements to the school every day with features such as weather reports. The broadcasts will begin in late April or early May.

Senior Juan Avila said that he joined the class because it was the only class that fit into his schedule, and once he started it,  he discovered that it was interesting and he is looking forward to having everyone see what they have been doing and hope everyone enjoys it as much as their class does.

Senior Kate Daley said Her favorite part is making everything from Scratch and being creative with and learning the different things on the computer and the new technology that they are using.

Mrs. Mularski started this class because when “I worked at Lyme- Old Lyme high school, they had  a daily broadcast in lew of listening to overhead announcements, and it was a much easier way to get information, and it looked great, and it was helpful for everyone so I wanted to bring that here, and  it also helps with building the audio video program.” She is “looking forward to producing a very professional well-oiled machine so that we can bring all the information to The Morgan School, and my other goal is that everyone will watch and enjoy”