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College Life with Marcus McDermott


Written by Marie Kane |
Photos by Marcus McDermott

Marcus McDermott graduated from Morgan this year with the class of 2017. He was voted best dressed for senior superlatives, played lacrosse as a freshman, and now goes to Hofstra University in New York. He likes college a lot. “It’s basically my first chance at starting my adult life, and it’s exciting to know that I’m moving forward with my life. It feels liberating.”

He is majoring in journalism and is currently enrolled in sociology, media ethics, mass media, psychology, and Spanish. Marcus chose Hofstra because of its proximity to New York, and it’s a prowess as a journalism school. “Now that I’m here, I know I made the right decision for me.” He described college as busy but said that it is going well for him. He loves having a dorm and living on campus. “It’s like having your own apartment. It’s incredible.”

Marcuss with Olivia Powers at their graduation

Marcus misses seeing all of the teachers that helped shape him as well as being with his friends 24/7. He wouldn’t change anything about his high school experience. “I had a great time.” His favorite teachers were Mrs. Chausse, Mr. Serenbetz, Mr. Zawadski, and Mr. Motter. He gave a shoutout to Mrs. Chausse for helping him find his career path.

Mr. Zawadski had Marcus in honors 9th grade US History and 11th-grade Advanced Placement Government and Politics. He said that Marcus was a very passionate student and that he has strong beliefs and loves to debate. “Marcus was always passionate about politics and current events.  He loved to get the class discussing current political issues so he could debate them.” He used the word “triggered” to describe Marcus since that was always his favorite word in his class. “Marcus – keep up the passion and desire to learn.  I miss the humor and quick wit you brought to class both verbally as well as written!”

Marcus in a common room at college

“Before college, I was pretty nervous about making friends and whatnot, but now that I’m here, I really feel at home.” His favorite part of college is the freedom that he has. His least favorite part is his Spanish class. Marcus chose college over high school. “I loved my time at Morgan, but college is a totally new experience that I feel lucky to be having.”

Mr. Motter enjoyed having Marcus as a student. “It was fun. He has a keen sense of humor and knew that I like to have fun in the classroom.” Mr. Motter had Marcus in the law course and in AP European History. I met him when he was a junior. Law course is a semester course and the AP European History course is a year-long class with the big AP exam in May every year. He described Marcus as articulate because he thinks well and speaks well. Mr. Motter shared a funny memory of Marcus. “He talked me into showing a funny video; don’t worry it’s rated G, but it is a video that I wouldn’t have otherwise shown to the AP Euro class, and the volume on the video was much higher than expected, and I think Marcus knew that was the case but didn’t tell me. The sound blasted down the hallway, I’m sure. He and his classmates thought it was pretty funny.” He misses Marcus.  “It was a pleasure having him in my classes, and of course, I wish him the best of luck now and forever. I hope he stays in touch with me through the years.”

Marcus shared a funny moment from his freshman year in journalism class. “I actually broke one of the tripods by accident trying to open it in front of the whole class. I remember looking up and saying, ‘now it’s a bipod.'”

Marcus gave advice to current Morgan students. “Work hard, but enjoy your last few years with the people you grew up with. Constantly looking forward waiting for the day you go to college only spoils the time you have left.”

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