A New Beginning for Mrs. Hayner


Written by Romulo Vicuna|

New teachers new beginnings- Morgan’s new learning strategies, and reading teacher Aimee Hayner, however, is not new to the Clinton Public School system. Before coming to Morgan, Mrs. Hayner was a learning strategies teacher for 2 years at Pierson. For 14 years, she taught at Joel as a classroom teacher, “looping” from grades K-4. Here at Morgan, she is a Learning Strategies teacher who also co-teaches with English Teacher Ashley Felice.

Mrs. Hayner said, “I enjoy working with older kids.” She expected teaching older students to feel quite different, but she said it doesn’t. Watching her students gain confidence and feel good about themselves is the best part of her job. This puts a smile on her face every day and is what makes her work as hard as she does.

The Morgan staff are grateful to have an experienced teacher join them.