What do you really think of the Morgan PawPrint?

Written Mary Muratori |


It’s no surprise that quite a few people read the Morgan PawPrint; not only in school too. I don’t blame them, because it is a very interesting set of articles written by the students. There’s personal experiences and good advice on here. A lot of students come here to read what is going on the school because the staff keeps up to date information on what is going on. There’s always a lot to report on such as school dances, food drives, student of the week, and many other creative ideas. We had contests going on, where students could win a coupon for Palmeri’s pizza or an ice skating rink. The class tried to keep the PawPrint very interesting and from what I could tell, it did.

I interviewed a variety of people. I was surprised to see that my mom has actually read the PawPrint; she likes seeing what goes on in the school: “I think it’s a very creative idea; it keeps the students up to date on things going on at school, and there are some very nice advice columns which will help other students.” She is not the only parent that I asked, nor adult. My neighbor, who does not even have a child in the school, told me she enjoys reading it. Since her daughter is coming here next year, she said she likes to know what goes on firsthand from the students. “Reading the normal Morgan website, I don’t get a lot of opinions from the students and what they think of the school and all the activities. It’s nice to see the student body reporting on ideas and what they think of the school.” I think that parents who have children coming up as freshmen next year, should read the PawPrint. It definitely will keep them updated on student life.

Many students read the PawPrint too. While interviewing a couple of my friends, I was surprised to see that quite a few of them have indeed read some of the articles. A couple of them didn’t even know it was there, and find it very helpful. “To be honest, I didn’t know about the PawPrint until you mentioned taking Journalism. Now that I know it’s a good website to get advice from, and see what is going on at school, I like to read it,” Says Kayla Burt, freshmen. Our social media is very good too; it attracts readers, which is cool. “A couple months ago, I saw that you (Mary) tweeted something about voting for where people get their homecoming dresses, I thought it was neat so I voted,” says Rachel Benton. What also helped people read the articles and get the page views were the contests we did. Getting people to comment on the articles to be entered into a contest to win either a pizza coupon, or an ice skating pass, was a good push. “I commented on one of the articles that I read, and I’m pretty sure it was the article on the teachers getting engaged. I don’t remember to be honest, but it was a really good article. I didn’t win anything, but it was a nice read,” Katelyn Long said. “I really like the idea of students reporting on what’s going on in school. having student’s opinions and ideas is what the student body needs,” she adds.

The PawPrint seems to be popular in the community. So many different people read it, and think it is a great idea. I have to agree, it is helpful to have a student based website where we talk about our ideas and opinions on what happens at school. Social media is so popular nowadays, so an online newspaper is a very good idea that will be used since most people spend a lot of time online.