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(Final)izing the School Year


Written by Marie Kane |

It’s almost the end of the 2016-2017 school year, which means it’s almost time for final exams, followed by graduation for the senior class of 2017 at 6:00 pm at the Morgan practice football field.

Many teachers let seniors be exempt from taking that class’s exam if seniors have an average of a 90 or better in that class. If a student doesn’t have an exam during a certain period, they do not need to be at school during that time. No breakfast or lunch will be served during any of the exam days.

Final exams cause mixed emotions. Some people are nervous, excited, against them, or just don’t care, yet want to do well on them in order to get better grades, but most people are relieved once they’re over.

Sophomore Katie Schrempp has begun studying for her biology exam by working on the study guide, which is now almost complete. Katie said, “They’re coming up quick. I’m kind of nervous because we haven’t gotten study guides yet, like for math. I’m excited because the schedule will be switched around different from the old one from midterms. I’ve been preparing for my bio final exam by working on the study guide.” She gives advice on studying for finals, stating, “Extend your work over a long period of time. Don’t procrastinate. Study a little bit each night. Don’t go online for the answers. Go through your textbook.”

Freshman Sam Martin has not begun to study for finals yet. She believes that final exams should be taken away because of all the stress they cause and also because they happen at the end of the school year. 

Freshman Logan Bailey also has not begun to study for finals. “I am most worried about the US History exam because of the dates I need to memorize.” He is least worried about his exam, saying, “science comes easily to me.” 

Sophomore Alex Rauccio thinks that finals are pretty stressful. “I think they’ll be harder because as the year goes on, the information gets more difficult.” Alex is mostly worried about his history exam because “it’s a very difficult subject.” He gives advice stating, “Definitely start early and study efficiently.“

There will be a break between the two exams each day. If someone decides to stay at school during a free period, they may stay in either the Learning Commons or the cafe. Buses will drop off students Wednesday through Friday at the normal time in the morning and after exams are over for the day, the buses will pick up students at 12:00. On Monday, buses will drop off students in the morning at their regular time and will pick up students at 9:45 after the G period exam. Below is the schedule for this year’s final exams.


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