Where is Project Graduation?


Where is Project Graduation?

Written by Becca Raab and David Chittenden |


Is it at the school? Is it at an outside place? Where?

The parents of the senior class have already begun planning our project graduation. They know what they are doing and where we are going. We have just not been clued in! It will be a surprise, but I am just too curious. Apparently we will not find out until the night of our graduation.

In some of our hallways, there are bulletin boards and murals on the wall for Project Graduation 2013 though some of us are a  confused by them. One of the bulletin boards has our baby pictures on it, which is a major attraction while walking in the hallway.

On the opposite wall in the hallway is Chuck, named after the founder of  our school, Charles Morgan. Chuck is going to periodically give us clues on where we will be going and what we will be doing. Look for the clues throughout the year.

The cost?  It could be quite expensive if you don’t get your parents involved in fundraising. If you volunteer for 10 hours, your ticket price will be cut in half. Contact the Project Grad Committee and ask how you can get volunteer hours to reduce your costs.