Newcomers Settle In


By Kendra Dean|

Now that the freshmen and the new faculty have finally settled in, I decided to ask the newcomers what they think about Morgan so far.

When I asked the new faculty members what they think, they replied with a cheerful smile and positive answers. Ms. White said,
“ I am loving Morgan so far! I have found the faculty to be very inviting, and they have taken me under their wing. My students are so smart and fun. I am enjoying getting to know all of my students, and I am enjoying getting to see them learn new things and be proud of themselves when they do.” Ms. Capobianco answered, “ This school has a good sense of community. Our school acts like a true family.” Mr. Hearn said, “ I like the school. The staff here make it worth coming to work; they are very friendly!”

When I asked some of the freshmen, most of their replies were no different from what they were in the beginning of the year. Maina Carey said, “ I think it’s very welcoming. I have no problems with the upperclassmen. I feel right at home like I did in Eliot.” Jake Bzowski said, “ I really like the breakfast sandwiches and the apple juice.” Caitlin Massaro said, “ It’s no different from any other school.”

Personally,  I like the school. I feel that it gives us students a little more freedom than Eliot did, which I like.  I like most of my teachers, they are really funny and nice.