Boys Basketball 2013


Written by Becca Raab|

Photo by Becca Raab|

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The boys basketball team has started out with an awesome season. Up until the game on January 3rd, the team was undefeated 3-0. Although they lost to Valley, they have shown that they are better and stronger than previous years. On January 5th, the team was able to make a comeback on their loss, and defeated Hyde. Although it was a close game, the Huskies showed great effort and team work to get the win. The game against Hale Ray on Monday, January 7th was very intense and went into over time twice. The team ended up losing, but it was a very close game.

Captains Tyler Anglin and Will Thompson have done a great job leading their team to success and a good season. We can all tell that they are a close team who know how to work together. Hopefully,they will be able to turn around from the game at Valley and step up as a team to gain more wins. “We have a winning record for once in my life”, Tyler Anglin says. This season has been the best between all their years of playing high school basketball. Both captains have the goal to make it to states and be one of the top teams in Shorelines. When talking to Tyler and Will, I found out some information that I did not know about the team. They believe that Sal Firorillo and Joe Lee have stepped up this year for their team. “We need to keep up the fan base; everyone needs to come and support us”, Will Thompson says. Some tough teams to beat for the rest of the season will be Valley, Cromwell and Old Lyme. Will says, “No team will be an easy win, we need to work hard and not let our guard down to anyone.” Keep up the hard work boys. There are still many games to be played!