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Morgan Talent: Simon Hua


Written by Gavin Carlisle |
Photos by Gavin Carlisle and Simon Hua |

There are more Morgan talents popping up from everywhere. One student that deserves to be recognized is Sophomore Simon Hua. He is a very talented poet who has written many different types of poems in the past and plans to continue in the future.

Currently, Simon is a staff member of the Literary Magazine and will most likely be a member for the rest of his time here at Morgan. The advisor for that club is English teacher Julie Frydenborg. The members meet every other Tuesday to share out what they have been creating whether they are poems, short stories, art, or one act plays. At the end of the year, they release a publication of the students’ creative work.

Simon recently joined the Slam Poetry Club during X-block on Wednesday, 3/22. The advisor for this group is English teacher Ashley Mirabile. Slam Poetry is all about putting feeling into the poetry reading, whether it be a poem about the best moment of your life or heartbreak. Like the name suggests, you really slam the poem when you read it, saying it with passion. Simon is one of the people able to master this type of poem.

Simon does not write the “typical” poem. Simon said, “I used to do more traditional poems…now recently I’ve gotten more into slam poetry.” Slam poetry can be described as a very intense and raw form of poetry that is meant to be read aloud. It can articulate someone’s personal stories/struggles.

Many people state that Simon has created a new form of poetry. He said that in poetry there are two concepts—showing and telling. What Simon does is write the first half of the poem using a lot of telling, then puts it into a text-to-speech app that sounds robotic. In the second half of the poem, he uses a lot of showing and says the text aloud. Right now he is working on writing a third part of the poem where he brings it back to using a lot of telling and the text-to-speech app.

Simon’s peers and advisors think that he is very talented. English teacher Julie Frydenborg said, “Simon is very intellectually gifted. He works to improve himself as a formal writer. Then I learned that he is an incredibly creative writer.” She also said, “He impresses me because he has insight beyond his years; he impresses me between his vocabulary and just his way with words that is natural to him. And again, he’s come up with formats that are entirely unique.” Another member of the Lit Mag Club, Freshman Logan Cummings, stated, “I love his work, and I am very envious of his vocabulary.”

Simon will continue to write poetry in the future, possibly after his time at Morgan. Simon said, “I can see myself going to those poetry slams and open [mic] nights.” On the topic, Ms. Frydenborg said, “I look forward to seeing where he goes after he leaves Morgan; he has so much intellectual potential.” Wish Simon good luck on his journey as he only grows as a poet in the future. 

Here are some of Simon’s Poems that he wanted to share.

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