Bonjour les élèves de Lycée L’Olivier!


Written by Daniel Radka|

On March 31, nine students from Marseille, France will be traveling to Clinton to stay with Morgan families. The trip is being coordinated with Westbrook Highschool. This will be the fourth year students from France will be coming to Westbrook, but this is the first time Morgan will be included.

The students are coming from Lycee L’Olivier in Marseille. They will be spending a total of 10 days in the United States, seven with us, and three in New York City. French Teacher Laura Martino was offered the chance to host some of the students from the Westbrook High School French teacher. Mrs. Martino said, “I felt like it was an opportunity that we couldn’t miss.”

Sophomore Chloe Bousquet is excited about the French exchange student coming and thinks “it is going to be a great experience.” Her student’s name is Manon. She is 16, very friendly, and seems equally excited for the trip. Chloe and Manon have been messaging each other and seem to have a lot in common. Many students seem to have really hit it off with their match. Mrs. Martino tried her best to match the interests of the exchange students to the Morgan students.

The students will arrive Friday, March 31, at 8:00 pm. They will attend class with their host students on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. On Wednesday the students will be traveling to New Haven to take a tour of Yale and the Peabody museum. The students will depart for New York City on Friday, April 7.

Please welcome all of the new students as part of the Morgan family and help to make them feel welcome in this new environment.