A Closer Look: Blocked Websites


Written By: Jillian Crowley|
Videos Taken By: Aryn McQuarrie and Jillian Crowley|

When interviewing many students and teachers on the article of Blocked Websites, The Morgan PawPrint noticed that a lot of students wanted to state their opinions but unfortunately were not able to give their input due interviewing other people.

To solve this problem, PawPrint journalists, Aryn McQuarrie and Jillian Crowley have created a segment that is called A Closer Look, where they are going to take a deeper look on perspectives and opinions on prewritten articles.For the first video, it is based

For the first video, it is based off the article written by Aryn McQuarrie and Jillian Crowley about the blocking of websites on the Chromebooks.

[wpvideo izDtLTo7]