Cons to Missing Class


Sophomore Deven Talarczyk killing it at a school dance
Sophomore Deven Talarczyk killing it at a school dance

Written by Calvin Jackson|

Teachers and students alike fall victims to sickness throughout the school year, sometimes permitting them from attending school for days. Not many people enjoy the actual experience of being ill, yet the time away from classes proves many cons in the eyes of a student.

One major con students find to missing school is the work that they will have to make up, but many teachers at Morgan do a great job of updating their faculty websites regularly so that homework is posted there. Sophomore Deven Talarczyk estimates he is absent around 4 times a year due to illness. When asked if he feels stressed or relaxed about missing class, Deven said, “I feel relaxed because I know that I can always look at my teacher’s website to see what work I’ll have to do so I don’t have to make it all up, but I usually still have some work to make up regardless.”

A common way that students can stay up to date with what is going on in class while they are not there is by communicating with friends who are there. Sophomore Matt Zoner commented, “Often times, I ask my classmates by texting them or emailing the teacher what was assigned so I can work from home and avoid an overload of makeup work.”

Being absent from school proves another con. As regulated by the Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference (CIAC), students who attend school and play sports for their school in Connecticut are required to complete a minimum of four hours of school to partake in extracurricular sports activities. Deven comments, “I really try not to miss school during sports seasons because it means potentially missing practice or even a game.”

There are numerous in-class aspects that cannot be replicated on a teacher’s website. A big one is learning a new lesson during class time. Deven voiced that he hates falling behind by missing a lesson in class because it is not alway something he can teach himself, and the teachers do not usually go over it again.

Missing class too often and too many times carries the con of not being eligible to receive credit for either a year-long or semester-long course. The Morgan School Handbook makes it clear that credits for classes can be withheld if a student is absent more than nine days unless there is an exceptional excuse.

Regardless of the cons of missing time in school due to illness, being sick is usually unpleasant. It is important and beneficial to take precautionary measures to limit chances of catching something. Visit wikiHow for some helpful tips so you are less susceptible to coming down with any sickness, limiting you from attending school in the future.