High School Washout


Written by Cedar Hittle and John Urban |

On the evening of February 2, 2017, Morgan experienced its first major malfunction in the tech ed department. Sometime during the night, a water line being utilized in the classroom of technology teacher Ted Enoch burst and expelled water into his lab, the hallway, and several other classrooms. Upon discovery of the leak, custodians worked as quickly as possible to stem the spread of water damage throughout the affected rooms in order to minimize the threat of mold inside the walls.

lower level a wingThe leak was from a single machine that is used for silk screening. The hose for the washout ruptured/developed a pinhole and burst. The water flowed until it was discovered early in the morning of Friday, February 3rd. The custodians shut the water off and immediately began to clean up the water that was flowing down the hallway. Thanks to their quick thinking and fast execution of protocol, the damage has been assessed as minimal and the costs and timeframe for repairs looks to be short.

Due to the leak’s location within a classroom adjacent to two major technology rooms, classes in these rooms have been displaced until repairs are completed. Mr. Enoch’s classes have been moved to the school’s computer lab while Technology Teacher Jessica Mularski’s classes will be in room C27 until their rooms have been fully repaired. Luckily, there was no damage to any of the computer equipment in the affected rooms.  With repairs under way, the teachers will only need to make do with the current situation for a short time.

Thankfully, the overall cost of the damage is being covered by the school’s insurance policy. Service Master Professionals began working on repairs on February 5th. Morgan School Principal Keri Hagness expects the work to be completed by February 17th when classes should return to normal operation. Mrs. Hagness says that the whole incident is truly “a pain to deal with.”