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The Student News Site of The Morgan School

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You Know You Go To Morgan When


Written by Emily Sordo and Autumn Johnson |

The Morgan School is different from most high schools. These are 20 things you only know if you go to Morgan.

  1. Old School vs New School

    Although we’re extremely lucky and grateful to have a beautiful new building, the OG’s know the old Morgan will always win.

  2. Two Gyms is Better Than One

    You never know what you have until it’s gone!

  3.  The library is the “Learning Commons”learning commons

    No one knows what this means. But it’s the learning commons. Don’t call it a library!

  4.  We have one printer connected to 550 Chromebooks, but that one printer doesn’t even work

    Thank goodness for Google Docs and being able to share things with your teachers!

  5. The one word that triggers upperclassmen… Junior PortfolioJunior Portfolio

    When you finish Junior Portfolio, never say the word again.

  6. Coffee and Food Ban

    When the teachers can drink their morning coffee and eat food in class, but the students can’t… there’s some resentment

  7. You know the secrets to getting around the firewall.Website Blocked

    The first couple weeks of school with the access to Netflix was nice until they blocked it; but you know the tricks so it’s fine….

  8. You know you’re still going to school when there are 6 inches of snow on the ground.

    Cherish snow days because they’re rare!

  9. Laps are now cardio

    In the old school, you could walk around in circles forever, but now taking laps is walking up and down the stairs.

  10. When there are over a dozen visitor parking visitor-spotspots,

    but you have to walk 14 miles to the front door anyways.

    You know…

  11. When the school threatens to tow your car if you park in visitors…

    But the budget can’t afford for that to happen.

  12. You know a senior boy is coming down the hallway when you hear faint rap music!

    Shoutout to you guys!

  13. trump(trash) As soon as certain freshmen smell a liberal, they scream “TRUMP!”

    Realistically, no one cares because they can’t vote.

  14. When a pipe breaks in the new multi-million Hallway Infodollar school.

    First, it was the ceilings; now it’s the pipes. Is Morgan cursed?

  15. Everyone knows everyone.

    You could name every single student in this school if you had to, and the principals will probably know your name by sophomore year.

  16. Zac Brown Band

    They were really popular Spring 2016.

  17. There are important assemblies about EVERYTHING.

    Drug awareness, GSA, cyber bullying, and Instagram.

  18. When the stairwells have cameras and the band hallway has windows.      

  19. When you see Mr. Underwood in the office, you know he’s principal for the day.

    Who put him in charge?

  20. “We are Morgan, We are Family”hagness



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