Finsta or Rinsta?


Written by Melanie Coretti and Maggie Guba |
Photos by Maggie Guba and Melanie Coretti |
Interviews by Melanie Coretti and Maggie Guba |

Instagram is a big social platform many students here at Morgan use. It’s a place for people to post their thoughts, their views, and the pictures they take that they want to share with their followers. Most students have their real Instagram (called a Rinsta), but some students have a second account (called a Finsta)as well.

So, why have a Finsta?

Finstas are a place where there are only a select number of followers. This account has more privacy and usually involves only close friends.  Finsta is a place for people to complain, rant, post what they find funny, or share photos they wouldn’t normally want on their regular Instagram.

A popular “Finsta” account run by Angela Recine and Bea Atengco

Many students throughout Morgan have a Finsta.  Freshman Jenna Scanlon said, “I think Finstas are what people use for subtweeting and ranting, and I think that they can be a good thing but should be used for showing happy nice things.”

Another Freshman, Isabella Recine said, “At first I saw Finstas as useless and a way to rant about your problems that no one else cares about, but then after getting one, I realized that you can just post funny things.”

Freshman Natalie Novarro scrolling though Instagram.

Freshman Taylor Wyatt said, “I think that Finstas can sometimes be hilarious, but sometimes people post too much and it becomes like a diary.”

Some students shared their thoughts on Finstas and Rinstas, but asked to remain anonymous.

One Morgan student said, “I post things that I wouldn’t post on my Rinsta or on Twitter. Mine is used as a funny thing, not like my feelings. I post screenshots of comments and conversations if someone is getting on my nerves. I use it as an exposing tactic.”

Another anonymous person said, “I have a Finsta because I like having only my really good friends know things. I want to make people laugh because I post things there that I wouldn’t put on my Rinsta because some pictures and videos are stupid. It’s just a way of sharing with my good friends.”

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