Read and Weep: When the Moon Was Ours



Written by Abbey Norton |

When the Moon Was Ours by Anna-Marie McLemore


The girl collapsed from the rust of the water tower, flowing out like the streams of the nearby river. She lay there, screaming, scared of anyone who tried to touch her. Then the boy came along, holding her, hearing her whisper, “I lost the moon.” The girl was scared of pumpkins. The boy wanted a friend. Together, they became Honey and Moon, an intertwined sculpture of amber-colored light and glowing metal.

Roses grew from Miel’s wrist. She attempted to drown them, to rid herself of the silk petals and rough thorns. Sam was not afraid, but Miel was. Miel felt she was cursed. She lost her brother, her mother, all because of these roses. But Sam loved her anyway. The girl with all of the secrets and the boy who had nothing to hide from her but what stayed under his shirt.

His only secret was his real name. Her only secret was everything, and the Bonner sisters, the pumpkin-colored witches of the patch, knew what they wanted and how to take it.

Miel and Sam, Honey and Moon, the girl from the water tower and the boy with the soft face. The only thing they could not face together was themselves.

img_2407Rate: five stars

Likes: The Bonner girls are incredibly hard to hate, as are the rest of the characters. The book reads like poetry, but the plot is direct and easy to follow. It is an easy read and one which will be well-loved by fans of metaphors and easy romances.

Dislikes: I have absolutely no dislikes, other than the fact that I wanted to read it forever, but all books have to end.  Overall, it was an inspiring book full of love and hope.