Cookies For The Troops


Written by August Pulaski |

It is very unfortunate to hear that people who are fighting in the armed forces for not only our country but also other countries do not have the privilege to spend Christmas witnunanh their friends and family something that we take for granted. Every year, Mrs. Nunan and her cooking class bake and send cookies to troops overseas fighting in places all over the world. This is something that she has done every year for years, and she sure loves doing it!

Mrs. Nunan uses her classes to cook the cookies, and then she adds them to packages which are sent to the troops overseas to wherever they may be stationed.

1 While the cookies were baking in the oven, students wrote a card for a soldier to accompany the cookies.

Mrs. Nunan and her cooking classes are not the only ones getting things prepared to send to troops overseas.  Students from Joel, as well as those from other schools, make crafts such as hand-painted stockings and other treats to send to the troops.

Everyone can contribute to our troops who are so brave a better Christmas.