Wham! Bam! Poetry Slam!


Witten by Abbigale Pitarra |
Photos by Abbigale Pitarra |

Slam Poetry is a competition where people read their poems without props, costumes, or music. Slam Poetry allows many individuals across the world to address controversial issues in a creative way. Many people do not know that our own students at The Morgan School have started their own club to write their own poems and express their feelings.img_0807

Senior Abbey Norton said,”Slam poetry is a way to express yourself to an audience that really cares. Everyone is so non-judgmental when you share your poems, and if you don’t feel comfortable sharing the whole story, you can use metaphors to work around them. It’s like poetry, but you need to use a lot more rhythm and rhetoric. Sasha actually came up with the idea, she’d been fighting for it for a while. We finally got it this year thanks to the amazing Ms. Mirabile! We’re in the club because we really enjoy creative expression. Everything inspires me to write. It’s just something that comes to you in pain or in happiness.”

The girls in the club are Seniors Abbey Norton, Emma Phelps, Taylor Bernier, Sasha Krivosky, Madison Garbinski and Juliana Ragonese, Junior Grace Hull and Freshman Allie Goguen.

Junior Lily Cummings who enjoy it very much said, “It is a small group that meets during X- Block, and we discuss an important issue that is happening in the world and then they write slam poems about the issues they feel are the problems. The topics are all random, and they are all different every week. It is a student-based club with all girls, and it is very fun because it is many different people from the school that you wouldn’t usually talk to. You meet new people and see what they have to say.” Many people do not know what this club is all about. All the students in this are very passionate about their work and the club. “It started in the beginning of the year, and we plan to go to the whole year. Writing comes easily to me so writing poems is an outlet, and it relieves all the stress. It is easy to mutilate all the problems into it.”

Ms. Mirable is the teacher that watches over them and volunteers her time during X-Block so that the kids can meet.