Calling all Girls


Written by Autumn Johnson |

Guidance Counselor Jan O’Brien and our School Social Worker Maureen Tranquilli run a program called Bridges. Mrs. O'BrienThis is a six week series of meetings. The point of this program is to encourage females to have a good balance between positive relationships and friendships, along with a healthy lifestyle.

This group is open to any female who is interested in attending, meetings had begun, but due to a lack of attendance during X block. Mrs. Tranquilli stated, “I feel if we advertise it correctly we will reach the right population of girls who can truly benefit from this type of group.” The purpose of this group is for young females to have an outlet, a place where they can discuss whatever is going on in their lives.

Mrs. O’Brien feels that Bridges is a good name for it because, “when you think of bridges… the name itself symbolizes a connection and I’d like to encourage connections among young women.” She feels strongly that this is a positive program and is very hopeful that more people come. Mrs. O’Brien also feels that she wants “both men and female to feel good about themselves because life is difficult. The more you feel good, supported, and connected, the more tools you have to use within.”

This is a very open group, and anything can be discussed. The program will be back in action semester two. Mrs. O’Brien will find a time when more students are able to participate. For more information, see Mrs. O’Brien or Mrs. Tranquilli in the support center.