Story Time With Spanish


Written by August Pulaski |

This year, Spanish teacher Laura Luther assigned students to write an essay about a past experience that has had a major impact on their life. Many students wrote in Spanish about experiences that have happened to them ranging from when they were a young child to an experience that has happened to them this year. Mrs. Luther stated that this was the first time that she has had a class do this assignment before and that it was nice to see the students be so excited for a school assignment.

screenshot-2016-11-28-at-10-22-37-amAccording to Mrs. Luther, the students who were completing this assignment in her class were asked to find pictures of themselves as babies which made them quite excited when they brought them into class and shared them with their teacher and peers.  The photos were to be attached to the final printed drafts of their assignments so that they could be displayed for all to see.

Senior Matthew Capece who is a student in that class wrote matt cabout the time that he and some friends played a game of whiffle ball. As they were playing, the ball hit a car, but there were no marks. However, the owner of the car was upset that the ball hit her car, and as a result, she confiscated the ball from Matt and his friends. Afterward, the group of friends sat down at the beach and a group of other people came along who were also playing whiffle ball. They began playing together, and they all became good friends.

Sofia Sicignano
Sofia Sicignano

Senior Sofia Sicignano who is another student in that class wrote her essay on Easter and why she likes it so much. Sofia wrote about the first Easter that she remembers and what happened on that day. She wrote about how much she enjoys the overall vibe of Easter and how it positively affects her, along with the things that make her happy on Easter such as the joy of being with her friends and family, the Easter egg hunts, candy, and how she is able to wear the dresses that she likes.

As a whole, this assignment challenged the knowledge of these intelligent Spanish-speaking students.  Essays by themselves can be a real challenge but having to write them in a whole different language can seem impossible. These students have proved that wrong. Hopefully, these essays can set an example for future students of this class because these essays were well written with important details from the students’ lives.