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    Junior Class Officers: A Class Act


    Written by Isaac Eriksen and Erin LeViness |
    Pictures by Isaac Eriksen and Erin LeViness |

    President: Brett Martin
    Vice President: Wyatt Reu
    Secretary: Kaitlyn Maurais
    Public Relations: Nadine Khalifa

    Love ’em or hate ’em these are the 2018 junior class officers.  They organized many beneficial events and fundraisers for the class of 2018.  The fundraising for prom which will be held at “Cascades” on May 12 is almost complete.   They raised the funds by selling 2018 merchandise to students and many desserts. On exam days, the class sold breakfast to those who didn’t have time to get their own breakfast.   brett National Honors Society

    In a survey sent to all the students of the junior class, 38 students responded. Most students believe that the class officers have done a good job with fundraising. Over half of the students feel that the officers have not done a good job of informing students about fundraisers and events. However, the students interviewed disagreed.

    Junior Juan Avila said the class officers were, “very good with spreading the word on social media.” Also, students felt that the class officers had done a substantial amount of fundraising. Junior Drew Marzano said, “I think that our class officers are amazing. We’ve done a lot of great fundraisers to raise enough money for prom.”

    Junior Madison Seeger said, “They have done a good job raising money so we are able to have class events, such as prom. I feel they listen to our whole class and implement the ideas very well.” Although the spread of information is controversial, over half of the students said that they might vote for these same officers again next year and are satisfied with what is being accomplished.

    survey for junior class officerssurvey junior class officerssurvey junior class officers

    Junior class president Brett Martin is very well-liked among the students of Morgan. Junior Isaac Eriksen said “I think Brett is a perfect president and a great person. He has done a lot for our class, and I hope he will run again senior year.  I’m very proud of our 2018 class officers. They have done numerous things for our class and have done great fundraising.”

    Physical Education teacher Pete Gersz said, “Brett is intelligent, respectful, attentive, and enthusiastic and does all this with a touch of class.” Another teacher who spoke highly of the Junior Class President was English teacher Leslie Chausse, “The junior class was the only class to have two dodgeball teams registered to play in the Dodge for a Difference tournament by the first deadline. Other classes did not even have one team.” Chausse believes, “Brett knows what he is doing as class president.”

    Junior class president Brett Martin and vice president Wyatt Reu said that they are working on a sticker fundraiser. They say they have the design and need to order them. They have made shirts and other clothing to sell to students. Brett said his biggest accomplishments, along with the other officers, were making successful dodgeball teams, planning prom, and the various fundraisers.

    Junior class advisor and Guidance Counselor Joni Capobianco said, “The class officers are doing really well financially for class events. They have been working on their fundraisers, clothing, stickers for Chromebooks, and bake sales. We are always looking for new ideas and an initiative. Our class meetings are every other Thursday in Ms. Trusty’s room”.  Mathematics teacher Paige Trusty has been helping our class officers by answering questions and helping run events.

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