Seniors Champ Volleyball Tournament 2016


Written By Abby Pitarra|volleyball
Photos By Abby Pitarra|

Tuesday, October 18, 2016, The Morgan School held their annual volleyball tournament between all of the classes. There were many representatives from each class. The freshman class wore yellow, sophomore class green, juniors red and the senior class was wearing purple. In previous years there was a staff team and many other teams, but this year only the classes played. Every year the proceeds go to the student council. and they make a good amount of money.

Every year the proceeds go volleyballto the student council. They did not get as big an outcome this year as they thought. Everyone who was there still had a great time and would do it again next year.

The first round of the games was the sophomore vs. freshmen The sophomores won that round 2-0.  In the second round, the seniors played the juniors. The seniors won 2-1. The final game was the sophomore vs. the seniors. The sophomores kept up a good game, but the seniors came out with the W 2-1. The seniors are back to back champions this year.  Last year they were the winners.