Humanities Students Are Fired Up About Art


Claudia and Alex admiring modern art

Written by Amanda LaRiviere and Lindsay Harden
Photos from Lindsay Harden and Amanda LaRiviere |

On Wednesday, October 5th, humanities students visited the Yale University Art Gallery and Fired Up!, a paint your own pottery studio. The students were able to use this field trip as a real-life application of what they were learning in class with English Teachers Paul Serenbetz and Julie Frydenborg. Each student choose two pieces of modern art to analyze. Students answered  questions in groups about all of the Ancient Greek pottery, sculpture, and paintings.

After an enriching experience at Yale, the busses revved up their engines and headed to Branford where the students painted pottery using only the colors that the Ancient Greeks used. Some of the students modeled their pottery after Ancient Greece, as pictured in the photos below. Senior Aidan Esposito painted a minotaur on his vase, whereas Senior Shannon Maher created a polka-dot mug.

Experience the field trip on your own by clicking through the slideshow below!