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First Come First Serve


Written by MacKenzie Miller and Autumn Johnsparking-loton |

At the Old Morgan School, student parking spots were numbered and assigned, first come, first serve. The $50 deposit was given to the main office which would hold it and refund the money to the student at the end of the school year as long as they did not have an accountability. Now, with the new school, students pay a fee of $10 for a parking permit that allows them to  park anywhere in the student lot.

 The new parking situation was well known before the school year began, and people expressed their opinions early on.

Senior Jenna Morello stated, “it’s just so small,” when realistically, there are 65 more spots. Although the parking lots appear smaller since they are separated, the new school has 155 spots compared to the old school which only had 90. The old school also had the commuter lot across the street which held a handful of student vehicles. Mathematics teacher Alan Samet said, “I don’t like it. I think teachers should have assigned places, and I think students should also. I think older teachers should park closer to the school too.”

Senior Lauren Bousquet also expressed some irritation, she said “I’ve been parking in the same spot all week, and someone took mine today. So, I’m a little annoyed.” and Jack Holveck said, “I really couldn’t care less. People aren’t arguing or fighting over who has what spot. But, if a little kid takes my spot, we’re going to have some issues.”

We spoke to a few of the teachers who park in the student lot. History teacher Emily Russell said she parks on the student side because “it’s the most convenient way to get to my classroom. I am a little worried about parking near students since they are new drivers, I just don’t want my car to get scratched or something.”

Mathematics teacher Stephanie White said, “I park on the faculty side. I would love to park closer to my classroom. However, I know students aren’t the best drivers, so knowing that, I’m a little afraid that someone could hit my car.” Similar to Miss White, Mathematics teacher Jessica Lynch said, “I park on the faculty side. I prefer to park where I’m supposed to park, and I like the exercise in the morning.”

On the other hand, many people are pleased with the parking lot. Senior Alyssa Robinson said, “I think it’s fine. I get here at like 7 every day, and I get a good spot. People think it’s a big deal, but there’s really a lot of spots.” Senior Madison Garbinksi also thinks, “It’s smart. It’s a free for all.”

Instructional Assistant Patty Dow said, “I love it. I think it’s great exercise.” Overall, many people are pleased with how the parking lot is working this year. Although there are still some hard feelings, everyone should learn to adapt to the change.


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