Student of the Week: Judy Chicoine


Above is Judy Chicoine, a freshman, who was interviewed for the article.

This is a drawing by the student of the week, Judy Chicoine.

Written By Maina Carey|

Our student of the week is Judy Chicoine. Judy, a freshman, was selected because of her two fascinating passions: drawing and skating. Not many people are aware of Judy’s talents, but they should be shared with the world. Our interview is included below.

Me: What got you first interested in drawing?

Judy: That’s a tough question… My older cousin went to art school, and every time I used to go over their house, her mom printed out coloring book pages. She’s been doing that since I was little.

Me: What got you first interested in skating?

Judy: I think when I was little my mom took me skating, and I took lessons. I took a month program and finished it in two weeks. Then I ended up getting private lessons.

Me: What skaters inspire you?

Judy: I don’t follow skating, really. I sometimes watch it on the Olympics, but it’s more fun to do than to watch.

Me: What inspires you to draw?

Judy: Anything, really. I look at things and get ideas.

Me: Do you consider both as possible career paths?

Judy: Yes. I want English as my major and Art as an extra class.

Me: Which do you prefer – skating, or drawing?

Judy: Skating. I can practice a lot because my mom owns the Ralph Walker Ice Rink.

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