Welcoming Ms. Gallie


Written by Melissa Sullivan|
Photos by The Morgan Pawprint|

The Morgan School welcomed English teacher Joanne Gallie at the end of March of this year. Ms. Gallie replaced Tara Gallagher, who taught at Morgan for less than 11 years. Ms. Gallie took over two of English teacher Amanda Fairbanks Freshman Course classes, Ms. Gallagher’s media literacy class, and a study.

Ms. Gallie’s transition to Morgan was very easy and smooth. She had a lot of help from all of the English Department, especially Ms. Fairbanks. She was able to rely on all of them.

Mr. Serenbetz, Head of the English Department.

I also asked her what her best memory was in the few months she taught here, and she said it may sound cliche but working with all the students because they were so welcoming and very accepting.  They made her feel as if she was not just a new teacher here at Morgan.

Unfortunately Ms. Gallie will not be joining us again next year at Morgan, but we all appreciated her coming to help.