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Myth Busters: Pawprint Style


Written by Amanda Thompson
Photos by Amanda Thompson |

There have been quite a few rumors circulating the halls of The Morgan School regarding the changes that will be implemented next year at the “New” Morgan School. Many of the students have made assumptions or have accepted changes for next year that are false. The Morgan PawPrint is here to clear up all these pesky rumors:

There will be no senior privileges.

Although this rumor has mostly been addressed, it is best to clarify that there WILL BE senior privileges at the new Morgan School. Principal Keri Hagness, The Morgan School principal, explains that there will be opportunities to leave early and come in late with the new schedule. The administration is more than happy to “accommodate for early dismissal and late arrival” taking different schedules into account. 

FullSizeRender (4)
Senior Maina Carrey paints the ‘old’ senior courtyard

So have no fear, almost all of the same privileges seniors have enjoyed at The Morgan School for years will continue at the new school. The only truth to this argument is that, unfortunately, there is no senior courtyard designated for only seniors to enjoy. However, Mrs. Hagness explained that “there are so many areas in the new building” (and outside) for students to enjoy lunch. Although there “is not a designated area for students” of different classes, the plan is to promote intermingling between classes. Mrs. Hangess was excited about the outdoor amphitheater and the inner courtyard and outside seating for both students and staff.

Because the school day ends at 2:12 there will be fewer days.

Although this idea seems logical (kind of),  2 extra minuets each day will not be getting anyone out of school any sooner. The schedule next year will not even have two extra minutes. The school day will end at 2:10 as it did this year. A student at a public school in Connecticut has to attend at least 180 days of school regardless of how long the day is.  Clinton Public School students attend school for 183 days each year.

There will be no designated parking spots.

Well, folks, unfortunately this rumor is true. Next year there will be no assigned parking spots. Mrs. Hagness explained that there will be student parking section and whoever wants to park in them will acquire a parking pass. The spots will run on a first come first serve basis. The idea behind this was to IMG_0517eliminate the “difficulty of who gets a better parking spot and how,” stated Mrs. Hagness. She also revealed that even the teachers will not have designated parking spots. Finally, Mrs. Hagness stated that “the walk isn’t that bad” from any of the parking spots. So even if you do not get the ideal parking spot, the walk from the new parking lot to the new school’s front doors is not a trek.

The underclassmen and upperclassmen will not interact. 

Despite the academy style-set up of the new school, freshman and sophomores will see the juniors and the seniors. In fact, all the grades could still have elective classes together because the teachers are not bound to only teaching either under or upperclass men. The main reason for the academy style set up, Mrs. Hagness explains, is so that “teachers have fewer prep periods.” This will allow teachers to teach more classes and “work together with a team of teachers.” This will diversify teachers and enable them to work with people outside of their department.

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