Can you believe it? Costumes are allowed on Halloween!


by Nick Sneider|

October seems to be the time of year for spectacular events in The  Morgan School.  Some of these events include the Halloween Candy Guess, The Haunted Hallways, and to top it off we are allowed to wear costumes on Halloween day! It  really doesn’t get much better than this.

The Candy guess is a contest that is raising money to help the Uganda Club’s Kinyansano Girl’s School.  For a dollar, you are allowed to guess the amount of candy inside a jar and whoever is closest without going over wins. The victor will be chosen on the 30th of October, so get your guesses in soon!

The Haunted Hallways are an adrenaline filled event here at The Morgan School. On Sunday October 28th, the hallways will be filled with all sorts of terrifying creatures and props. Last year, React’s Haunted Hallway was so scary that there were some kids that had to be escorted out of the area! If you think you can handle it, show up at 6:30 with 3 dollars for admission, and experience the fright of your life.

Costumes are going to be allowed on Wednesday, October 31st. It’s obvious that everyone wants to wear a sweet costume and look awesome in front of the school, but we can also accomplish something along with the costumes. All you have to do to wear a costume is bring in two non-perishable food items, and you can wear a costume for the whole day.  Be sure to comment on what kind of costume you’re wearing in the comment box below, and thanks for reading!