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Would You Do It All Again?


Written by Greg Ellal and Anthony Janiszcak|

With Graduation approaching fast, you can feel the excitement in the air from our seniors. Before they go off to become whatever and whomever they want to be, we ask this simple question: With the knowledge you know now about high school, would you go back and do the 4 years over again?

Sam Pansa: “Yes and no. I would go back to freshman year and change some things like I would do my homework more which would benefit me more in the future, but at the same time, I feel like I don’t think I could do it again because I feel like I have changed so much, and I’m ready to get out of here.”

Sam Pansa - Southern Connecticut State University where she will be majoring in journalism.

Greg Ellal: “I would not because I love where I am at right now, and there was a lot of sad things and stressful events that occurred in the past that I don’t want to have to live through again”

Greg Ellal Baby

Anthony Janiszcak: “I would because I feel like your high school years are your most important years, and it’s not long enough, honestly”


Cameron Sheehan: “No, because I just take everything that happened as a learning experience, and I am happy where I am today to be moving on to college and all that, and even though I like high school I wouldn’t want to go back and do it all again”

Cameron Sheehan - Eastern Connecticut State University where he will be majoring in biology. Cameron chose Eastern because he liked it the most of all the colleges he applied to.

Maggie LaCross: “Honestly. no, because I am appreciative of the lessons I learned here and the experiences I’ve gained, but I wouldn’t want to do it again because I’m ready for new experiences”maggie lacrosse

Riley Thompson: “Yes, because I would have tried harder in school and participated in more premier soccer leagues to overall improve my skills so I could compete at a higher level”

Riley Thompson

Willow Pender: “Yes, because it would have made high school go by a lot smoother, and I would have known what different paths to take along the way to make it that much more enjoyable”

Willow Pender

Brendan Kyhn: “No, I would not, but it would have been nice to know some of the things I know now freshman year to help me have a better experience”

Brendan Khyn - Porter and Chester Institute of Technology where he will learn to become a HVAC Technician. Brendan chose this school because it guarantees a job much sooner than four year colleges and the trade makes good money.

Kevin LaFrance: “Yes, because I would correct some of my mistakes and do stuff that I didn’t do before”Kevin Lafrance

Lucas Lennox: “Yes, why the hell wouldn’t I? With all the knowledge I have now, it would be so much easier, and it would be awesome”

lucas lennox

Dan Green: “I would not go back to freshman year. Freshman year was fun, and it is fun to learn all the new things that I got to learn”

Dan Green - Branford Hall where he will be studying to become a Medical Assistant. Dan chose Branford Hall because it is close to home.

Dan Hua: “I would come back because I didn’t do very well in school, and when I went to go to apply for colleges, they didn’t treat me well. If I could go back, I would be on top of my academics”

Dan Hua - attending Middlesex Community College

Conor Crowley: “I would come back because high school is fun, and it’s a time in life where you’re like an adult, but you have zero responsibilities”

Conor Crowley - Long Island Post University

With all the hype for graduation, we know that many of us will be looking back on these years, wishing we could do it all again, perhaps in a different way. How do you feel about your high school years? Would you do it all again if your could and why? Feel free to tell us in the comments how you feel about this!

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