Read and Weep: The First Time She Drowned


Written by Abbey Norton|

The First Time She Drowned by Kerry Kletter
Realistic Fiction


CPhoto on 4-13-16 at 5.31 PM #3assie O’Malley remembers the night she was first taken to the mental institution–the ropes used to tie her down, her older brother looking at her fiercely, her younger brother apologizing countless times. Cassie remembers her mother’s voice telling her how messed up she is. And now she is stationed in her own personal hell with her best friend James and other nurses and patients, and her terrible therapist who believes her abusive mother more than her. This is her life, but not for long: soon, she will be let out, and she will go to college. College presents challenges Cassie cannot even remember: being alone outside the institution, talking to her mother one on one, and trying to make it on time for classes. The biggest challenge for her is remembering her life before the institution, when she was just a little girl who would do anything to impress her mother. She is afraid of becoming that person again. She is afraid of life without pills in plastic cups and smoke breaks. Most of all, she is afraid of the memories. Nothing can keep them back, especially not seeing her mother again.

Rate: five stars

Likes: The flashbacks that Cassie gets are so well written. You really start to feel for her and you feel a connection to her life, like you were in those moments with her. You will yell at the book. You will get angry at Cassie, which is a great thing to be able to do as a reader, because the best books are when you can recognize the character’s flaws. Every part of the story is written beautifully.

Dislikes: I have no dislikes, other than Cassie’s mother.

Overall, it was an amazing read, and I’d recommend it to everyone who loves dark, mysterious books.