Don’t Cheat on Morgan


Written by Tiana Chrans|

Whether or not you’ve cheated, you’ve experienced it at some point in your life. Morgan’s policy on academic integrity can be found in each student’s personal planner and is as follows: “Cheating is the practice of misrepresenting the work a student does by obtaining work done by someone else and submitting that work as a student’s own, or having prior access to specific questions for which a student will be held accountable on an exam, quiz, daily assignment, or project. This definition also includes a student that helps another student in either of the above circumstances unless permission has been given by the teacher.”

At The Morgan School punishments for cheating are made to fit the severity of the misrepresentation and will also take into account the grade level of the student.

When students move onto college, the student’s own work is valued and cheating becomes a problem that is taken very seriously. Consequences can occasionally even result in the loss of a credit or being kicked out of the school, depending on the severity of the crime. This makes it evident that cheating is not a habit someone would want to fall into and risk their college education for. Unfortunately many students do tend to partake in a little cheating at one point throughout their education.

We asked some Morgan students and faculty about their thoughts on cheating, its presence in the Morgan School, and whether this was the fault of teachers or students.

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