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College, a Good Choice For You?


Written By Brendan Kyhn|

It is almost time for the members of the class of 2016 to walk down the aisle to receive their diplomas. While many students are sending deposits to the universities they want to attend, other students have decided to wander off the main trail to follow their own path.

Lucas Lennox eating his sandwich while he works Really hard on his article.

Many people go to college to further their education, or because they were told if they did not go to college, they would not be able to find a job.  Many kids feel pressured to go to college.  But for those who it is not a good fit, why spend the money?

A couple of students are pursuing  different opportunities. One of these students is Senior Lucas Lennox.   Lucas told me, “I am not going to college yet because I am not ready to make a decision on what I want to do for the rest of my life yet. I am too young and too uncertain on what I want to do.”  Lucas  makes a good point. Many people  feel pressured  to go to college right after high school. Lucas will be working at Saybrook Point while taking a break from school.

Senior Kevin LaFrance is also another person who is not going to college right away. Kevin said he wanted to take a break from school. He was accepted to Eastern, but he decided to get a job and make a little money

Another person I talked to was Senior Greg Ellal. Greg is going to community college to get his associates in applied science while he gets his ASE (Automotive Service Excellence).

Greg Ellal Writing his Article on Students first cars

Greg has been a car guy for a long time, and he has been working on cars since he was 9 years old. He felt this was the best decision for him because he loves cars, but he also wants to have a degree in something else to go back to if all else fails.

Having a backup is always a good idea because nothing is guaranteed out of college so increasing your opportunities at a job is always a great thing. Greg has helped me with many of my automotive projects and problems I have faced with my car whether it is just a question or a hands on job.

Senior Molly Johnson chose to go to a hairdressing school because regular colleges do not have hairdressing courses. She also said that college doesn’t really interest her.

Others chose the armed forces.  Junior Tyler Dean has decided to join the Marine Corps after high school. I asked Tyler why he chose the marines over college and he said” There are a lot of benefits from join the marines such as, financial help , family healthcare and insurance, education, travel, and vacation. I also want to defend and serve my country from the terrorist attacks.Tyler has been attending junior cadets school for marine training and hopes to serve his country well. Senior Brian Archer is another person who is joining the Marines. When I Asked Brian why he chose the marines, he said “I want to serve my country. Ever since I was a little boy I have wanted to serve my country.”

If you are unsure that college is for you just remember that there are many other options for students.




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