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Feeling The Bern With Bernie.


Written by Cameron Sheehan|
Photo Via Bernie Sanders

In high school as students get older and approach voting age, they develop their own opinions including their own political views. Most Morgan seniors will be able to vote in this upcoming election. It is important to have an opinion or choice on a political candidate by  the Connecticut Primary on Tuesday, April 26th and the general election on Tuesday, November 8th. Bernie Sanders is quickly becoming many students’ favorite candidate for many different reasons. Students have been talking about politics throughout the halls, and there has been a lot of buzz over Bernie. But exactly why are students in favor of Bernie Sanders? Below are students’ opinions on why Bernie Sanders rises over the other candidates.

IMG_0918Sophomore Brian Card- I chose to support Bernie Sanders because he has experience  living as a middle class man, and he knows how it is to live off a blue collar living. He will also look out for everyone not just a percent of people. I think that Bernie’s plan to make healthcare and college free will help in cases for children who cannot afford college and for adults and young adults that cannot afford insurance. Also the taxes that are planning to be used to accomplish this won’t affect those who are not making over $250,000 a year. I think Bernie’s chance of winning the presidency is not looking great for him right now but if everyone votes and votes for him in the primary, he has a good chance.

Senior Tiana Chrans- I chose to support Bernie Sanders because I did a lot of research on Bernie Sanders and what he stands for compared to the other candidates. I found out that my beliefs correlated with what he stands for because he is more than a Democratic Socialist. I enjoy his policy’s outside of free healthcare and college too. Bernie Sanders in my opinion is the only genuine and truthful candidate. He speaks what is on his mind. I believe it will be hard for Bernie Sanders to pass free healthcare and free college in the house but in good theory he has a good plan. I also believe that he has a good chance winning the election if everyone votes in the primary.

dalila rSenior Dalila Rodriguez- I chose to support Bernie Sanders because Donald Trump speaks like a four year old, and he is very racist. He says he wants to make America great again, but everything he says counteracts that statement of him wanting to make this country great again. Hillary Clinton’s views are mostly ideas she took from Bernie Sanders. She is also not fit to run for the presidency. I believe Bernie Sanders will not win the election, sadly, but if everyone votes in the primary, we have a decent chance of him winning the presidency. Bernie Sanders is different from all the other candidates because he has life to him that other candidates don’t have.

Senior Dan Hua- I chose Bernie Sanders because he seems to be the most honest and un-corrupt candidate. He does not accept donations from big companies either. I think he has a good chance at winning the election if he keeps up his momentum and wins most of the primaries. He has a really good chance. He is the man with the plan. I’m not exactly sure how he will make college free and healthcare, but if he divides the tax money right and uses it as planned, I believe it will work. I like him more than the other candidates because he runs his campaign on honesty and kindness and does not talk bad about other candidates.

Senior Sam Pansa- I chose Bernie Sanders because  he has a lot of good ideas to improve the future for younger generations. I think if people turn out and vote for him in the primary’s and general election we have a really good chance of him becoming president. The problem is people are not voting for Bernie as much as they say. I think his plan for free college and healthcare will work because his plan is to raise the taxes on the people who make more than $250,000 a year and use the tax dollars for more important things. He’s honest and he cares about everyone and cares about making the country better.

If you are a supporter of Bernie Sanders or want to know more about him and his campaign, you can go to the official Bernie 2016. You can also give donations to help him with the campaign.




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