The Morgan Class Officers

written by David Chittenden |

Here at Morgan we have a wide variety of leadership in the student body: the presidents of different clubs, sociable students who are well known in the school, but most importantly, our class officers. Our class officers make the most of their time spent at Morgan. Senior Class President Lenny Paul is ready to get the new school year underway; the senior class is building a boat which it will auction off when it is finished to raise money. His plans for the year include selling either Morgan sweatshirts or sweatpants. As of now he and his colleagues are working on a great Homecoming senior entrance. Senior prom is planned for May 24 in East Haven.

Junior class president Paul-Michael Mullaly told me their plans for the year in fundraising. The junior class is going to bring back the teacher-student basketball game from last year. They are planning a dodge ball tournament and will continue pizza sales on half days.  Paul-Michael said that their prom is planned to be at Water’s Edge. Sophomore class president Bailey Shea says that she and her fellow officers “can’t wait to get this year started.” They want their class to be more involved in activities and fundraisers throughout the school, and they will start their own fundraisers later on this year.

Yes, we are all wondering what we can do about the new dress-code policy, but Student Council President Shelby Church says that they are unable to change the new policies. What she did tell me was that Student Council is working on improving school spirit, the attitude of the school, in ways that will benefit all students. The leaders of our classes have some great ideas for the school year. They will continuously want help with fundraisers and programs, but most importantly we want to show that Morgan has some school spirit.