Personal Profiles #1: Alexis Alfano

Written by Emily Sobieraj|

Maybe you’ve seen her, maybe not. But this is something you should pay attention to: Alexis Alfano has a lot of talent when it comes to photography. She is  the first person I am interviewing for my new section in the Morgan PawPrint: Personal Profiles. If you have a hobby or secret talent and I hear about it, then I will interview you.

Alexis shared what she likes about photography: “The things I like about photography is how you can be creative with it. You have so many different options of what you can do and also different styles. I use my Iphone for my camera, but I will be getting the Canon T31 for Christmas this year.”

Some of Alexis’ photos are framed and hanging in the Clinton Public Library. She entered into one of the art shows there and won: “Being in the art shows at the library is fun because you can show off your talents. It is very exciting knowing that students, teachers, and other people are looking at my artwork. I have only been in one art show, and I would like to be in more, though not just at the library. Usually I take pictures in my spare time, but it is something I always do so I can consider it a hobby. No one else in my family has a passion or interest in photography, but they all think the way my pictures come out are really good.”

Since I know Alexis loves taking photos, I asked her if she has any favorites. She responded: “I do have multiple pictures that I like. I like them because of the way they came out. Usually it depends on the quality of the picture, clearness, and the angle of where I am.”

Alexis has had her pictures on the morning announcements on the Smart Boards in eighth grade; the whole school saw her artwork in homeroom. When I was in homeroom, I remember seeing her photos, and they were beautiful and very creative.

I asked Alexis about this and she answered, “I am self taught. I taught myself what to do and how to make it better. It was fun seeing my pictures in homeroom because everyone got to see them and note what my interests are.”

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4 responses to “Personal Profiles #1: Alexis Alfano

  1. The pictures she’s taken are beautiful! It’s really cool how she managed to take such beautiful pictures with a simple Iphone camera!


  2. I’ve seen her around before but never new this about it. Her photographs are really good. Its impressive that she taught herself how to do this hobby.


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