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Computers For Every Student


Written by Sophia Muce and Melanie Coretti |
Photos by Tejas Patel |
Interviews by Tejas Patel, Sophia Muce, and Melanie Coretti |

Many changes are being made as we transition into The new Morgan School. Once we caught word about the possible “one to one” program that students would be using next year, we had to investigate. For those that don’t know, a “one to one” program is when each student is given either a laptop, tablet, or any other electronic device to use for the school year.

When students were asked about the possible change, the answers varied. Sophomore Tim Smith wants to transition into the program because “it would be more resourceful having just one computer than four or five huge books”. Although he favors the program, Smith believes that there is a downside. “It would be tough for me because I am a slow typer”.

Sophomore Alyssa Boylan also thinks that the “one to one” program is a great idea. She used it when she went to Thomas Edison MidAlyssadle School in Meriden, CT. It was effective there, and she believes it will be effective here at Morgan. “Everything is technology nowadays and having a computer will help students keep up their work”. Although Alyssa believes it will be successful, there could be issues. “Students will be downloading inappropriate content”.

With this new information, we went to Principal Keri Hagness. Mrs. Hagness believes that this is going to be successful if the Board of Education approves it. She wants to find a way to “support students in their learning and improving their academics”. If it is approved, then students will receive a laptop or tablet and will use it for their whole four years. Mrs. Hagness

“We have got to start making some decisions”. She believes that everything is technology now and that having a program like this will replace the heavy books and piles of papers students lug around throughout their day. “I love using the Google platform and how I can type something on a Google Doc and then share it so other people can see it and make edits to it.” She thinks using this program would be a more real-world transition because many other schools are using this program as well. 

Mrs. Hagness thinks that having technology at your fingertips will help improve the Morgan experience. What do you think? Take the poll below.

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