Donating for a Difference


Written by Alyssa LeMay |

Project Grad is a group of parents who are raising money for their Seniors to go on a Senior trip following graduation.

In the past, there have been bake sales, Christmas craft and cookie decorating, and more. Through thclothing drive is year, the parents on the Project Grad Committee are raising money by having a clothing drive.

The group refers to this as a Used Clothing Drive since all the items that are being donated should be wearable or usable. A list of all the items that can be donated will be attached.

The Project Grad group has a goal of $2,000.00 for this fundraiser, and they are looking to see the overall participation from the community.

“It is a great way to encourage people to clean out their closets and even better the company called A&E Clothing Corporation takes our donations and redistributes to those in need,” said Mrs. Koziy who is on the committee.

Everyone is encouraged to participate! A flyer will be attached to show what should be donated at the Morgan Clothing drive !

The clothing drive will be held in the Morgan High School parking lot from 8am to 1pm on Saturday, October 17th and Saturday, October 24.

Some items cannot be donated through this clothing drive. Please make sure you have all the correct items!