Libros Para Los Niños


Written by Ashlyn Chidsey |

These past couple weeks in World Language teacher Laura Luther’s AP Spanish class, students have been making their own books. On Wednesday, June 10, students traveled to Joel School to read their books out loud to the kindergartens. Some students created books that had a lesson to them like Senior Tori Hopkins who wrote about a square family moving into a circular town. The family has to adjust to the different type of shape. Others were just a happy story like Senior Kelsey Donaldson’s book in which Emilia the Elephant travels around the country to all the sites in her dreams.

Each high school student read to 1 or 2 children at a time, and then once they were done the kids would rotate off to hear another story. Kelsey said, “It was a really fun project to end the year. Senior Erin Barnett agrees, “It was very rewarding seeing how much the kids liked the book.” Although the kids did not fully understand the stories, the hand drawn pictures really helped keep them intrigued.