Hayley Haggerty: A Star in the Making

Written by Cameron LeClaire   |

Senior Hayley Haggerty, is a playwright and an actor. She has starred in 15 shows with Kidz Connection and Oddfellows Playhouse. Hayley sent in an application for a Summer Intensive progrram with Young Playwrights inc. in New York City, along with 50 other applicants. The program selected Hayley and 11 other young actors and playwrights. She spent her summer watching on and off Broadway plays, and writing a six minute play based on her assigned topic. Her week in NYC was “the most fun that I had ever had, and it was a great opportunity to spend time with people who enjoy musicals as much as I do.”        Hayley POL

Hayley wrote the play “Erasers Revenge” for Kidz Connection and was commissioned by her uncle to write a play to be performed at an art gallery in Hells Kitchen in Manhattan near the theater district (Arthappening nyc). Her play was called Art Herstory, and was about the role of women in America over the decade. Hayley has written over 10 plays and is the editor of the Lit Mag at Morgan. Hayley and the other students who work on Morgan’s lit mag read, edit and revise stories.

Hayley enjoys playwrighting because she can direct the show in her head and determine what everyone is going to do. Acting is just like writing, except she gets to perform it for the public. “Writing is just acting on paper,” explains Hayley.

Hayley has been acting and playwrighting since sixth grade and most recently was in the Oddfellows performance of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, as Lysander.