James Wells: Firefighting, it Runs in my Blood


Written by: Cameron LeClaire  |

Volunteer firefighting can be difficult, but not for Freshman James Wells. James Wells is 14 years old. He won the Junior Firefighter of the Year award and is overjoyed! ” I have been working at the fire department for over a year now and plan on expanding into the paid portion of the department when I’m older,” explains James. So far, he sets up fire hydrants and is able to get any materials the senior firefighters need.

IMG_0163To receive this award, he had to attend classes for CPR, EMT (Emergency Medical Technician), Fire 1-2, and be able to do outstanding work in the fire department. According to the Volunteer Fire Department website, to volunteer, you need to be able to give time and commitment.  In the end, he states that ” I enjoy working for the fire department, and I think it runs in my blood. My whole family has pretty much been in the fire department and I hope to remain there as well.”