Enlist in Journalism!!


PawPrint Staff Spring 2015

Written by Jadan Washington |

Extra, Extra read all about it! Journalism here at The Morgan school is asking for your help. As the time for course selection rolls around, it’s time for new students to step up and choose to become participants in the journalism class thus becoming writers for The Morgan Pawprint.

In the Spring of 2012, English teacher Leslie Chausse taught the first Journalism class in recent history. The first assignment was to design a news blog for The Morgan School. The students created The Morgan Pawprint or just The Pawprint for short. They worked diligently to create an online blog that they could share news, thoughts, and updates that affected the world and Morgan. Since then The Morgan Pawprint continues to live on with constant waves of new students contributing. As more students signed up for Journalism, the Pawprint was able to grow into a hub of news. The Morgan Pawprint, as of February 25, 2015 has a total of 90,000 views.

But in order for this legacy to continue on, students need to continue to sign up for Journalism. Journalism is a course that requires great time management and dedication, but it also is fun and exciting. But what exactly are the roles of a journalist for The Morgan Pawprint? “Students in the class are responsible for the content on the pawprint. they take photos, create videos, and conduct interviews. They do tasks that any journalist working for a newspaper would do. They learn about journalism by doing,” says Mrs. Chausse.

Besides learning about great writing and journalist techniques, you also receive English or tech credits. While journalism does require a bit of tenacity and focus, the benefits are priceless. In summation, TAKE JOURNALISM.