Driving Towards the Future


Written by Sam Pansa and Amanda LaRiviere |
Images via Fox Driving School and USRiderNews

Every teenager dreams of driving and having their own car. The idea of being able to go wherever they want with whomever they want is a freedom that comes with a price: driving school. Driving school is a great way to assimilate to the world of driving and the price of freedom that it promises.

Fox Driving School is offering students the ability to get training for the driving test. Students get the thirty hours that they need in order to get their license, along with additional informacartion on safe driving. It is also being offered at The Morgan School, making it convenient for students to get to the classes. You don’t need to have a permit to take the classes, but you do have to be sixteen years old.

Junior Connor Novarro says that these classes helped prepare him before he took his permit test. He commented, “…he helped tremendously. I highly recommend these classes to everyone, new drivers especially. I think…the teacher is very knowledgeable…and he gave us great real life examples that we would use while we drive.”

Teen drivers between the ages of 16 and 19 are three times more likely to get into a vehicle accident than a driver who is over 20. It is important to understand the laws and regulations of the road, especially as a new driver. Driving should not be something that is taken lightly and young drivers should be aware of the risks of being in control of a large vehicle.

To prepare for the permit test you can visit Fox Driving School which has a small test which you can take to better ready yourself for the test and also to get more information on what Fox Driving School is offering for classes.