The New School-Based Health Center


By Marcus McDermott and Paul Hotchkiss |

There are times when the school acquires a new teacher, a new student, or even new school activities. Usually the student body is well aware of these changes long before they even take place. The Morgan School is so tight knit that nothing goes on here without the whole student body hearing of it. That changed this year. Has anyone ever walked towards the English wing, past the bathrooms and the trophy cases and just before the athletic office, noticed a room without even a number? In that room, lies the new School-Based Health Center.

Community Health Center Inc. is offering health services at the School-Based Health Center. This has been in the works for months, but it has finally come to fruition within the past month. The School-Based Health Center is a nonprofit organization that is separate from the administration. They aim to provide mental and behavioral help for students who feel overwhelmed and need it along with other medical and dental services. Donna Staples, the counselor that now resides in the health center, said that “I hope this is where students can feel comfortable.” She also made it clear that everything between her and students is kept completely confidential, unless harmful behavior is thought to be occurring. IMG_6108

Although the School-Based Health Center sounds similar to guidance, there are actually many differences that make it a unique entity. While guidance is more in charge of career, grades, and scheduling for all students, the School- Based Health Center serves as a place for someone to just talk. “We provide therapy, one on one sessions with strict confidentiality,” said Mrs. Staples. Students are not required to go here. A counselor is available to help students solve issues and problems, and the office also provides a place to go if a student just needs to get something off of his or her mind. Mrs. Staples is available for thirty, forty, and sixty minute sessions. If you would like to meet Mrs. Staples or are interested in using the services you can stop by at any time!

This is a big step forward for The Morgan School in terms of student happiness and a very insightful resource. The steps that the school is taking to accommodate everyone and make this a comfortable learning environment are tremendous. Mrs. Donna Staples, in becoming a member of the Morgan community, will have a difficult job to do, but we are all sure that she is perfect for the job and ready to make a difference.