Mr Reid: The Most Interesting Man in the World


By: Madison Heidkamp and Ben Jackson|

The Morgan School is home to many characters but a very special one is in our science department. This whimsical man is our very own Mr. Glenn Reid. Mr Reid is an eclectic soul, who has a range of interests that go on for miles. He participates in a barber shop quartet and is the president of a chorus group. Mr. Reid has taken over Mr. Baier’s position teaching both stem physics, and integrated science.


This is his very first year here and he already has such wonderful words to say about our school, he states “So far I love it. This school is like one giant family.” He also said, “You guys are very lucky to have such a tight knit community of students.” Mr. Reid worked at Wheeler High School for over 14 years, and continues to pursue his love for teaching to this day. A couple of students within one of his classes also had a few words on behalf of Mr. Reid’s positivity. Freshman Roy Nadeau said “Mr. Reid has a lot of positive energy.” Freshman Trinity Brown also stated “I like how its used for the real world, and things that I am going to need later in life.” In his free time, Mr. Reid likes to solve puzzles and volunteers down at a local nature center. We are all happy to welcome Mr. Reid to The Morgan School family.