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Pandemic pet adoption

Pandemic pet adoption

June 8, 2020

Written by: Aurora Smith|Photos by: Aurora Smith| During the coronavirus (COVID-19), many families have either fostered dogs or adopted them. Lindsay Luong, a volunteer of the shelter Homeward Bound, said that the adoption rate has definitely gone up. Homeward Bound CT is a shelter that works with resc...

All for Nepal

All for Nepal

June 10, 2017

Written by Jillian Crowley and Emma Iovene | Photos by Emma Iovene| Between India and China in the Great Himalayan Range is Nepal. Nepal has a population of 28.5 million people. Juniors Maya Kadel, Mary-Kate Staunton, and Grace Hull will be traveling to the capital of Nepal during the summer to help support women in...

True Best Friends Forever

April 29, 2014

Written by Elizabeth Bradley | Featured Image by Home Staging for Pet Owners As you grow older, you change and in return most of our friend groups tend to change as well. After many years there's always one best friend that sticks by your side: your pet. Whether a dog, cat, horse, gecko, hamster, chinc...

The 2012 Fall Coffeehouse

Ethan Rode

November 26, 2012

Written by Lucas Edwards| Pictures by Spencer Gilbert| This past weekend of the 17th, we had our 4th semi-annual Malone's Coffeehouse Open mic, and it went great! We featured a lot of new players, as well as a lot of returning artists. It was a very successful fundraiser for the senior class, making...

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