The Marvelous Morgan Musical

Brand-New Cast To Perform In Late March

Muntara Singh, Chief Editor, Writer

The play poster (Muntara Singh)

Real estate agent Joe Boyd and his wife Meg are fans of the Washington Senators baseball team. Joe wishes out loud to beat “those damn Yankees” when the Devil appears. He offers a deal: Joe can become Joe Hardy, the star player that the Senators need to win the World Series, but he must walk away from his fame before their last game. Things get interesting when Joe accepts, is noticed by the Senators, and begins to miss his wife. As he boards with Meg and begins to meet her through his guise as Joe Hardy, the Devil changes tactics. A whirlwind of 50s comedy and Major League Baseball fanaticism, Damn Yankees is a comedy that audiences will be sure to enjoy on both nights.

Music teacher John Lampe is thrilled to direct the 2023 Morgan Musical, Damn Yankees. No obstacle can stand in his path, from scheduling conflicts to sliding mindsets. Already foreseeing some difficulties with time commitments, he decided to make the extra effort this year and allow more opportunities for student-athletes to participate in the musical. While he is an advocate for sports, he acknowledges that it can be frustrating when issues arise following a cancellation or delay of practice, resulting in a rehearsal reschedule for the thirty to forty members of the production. “Thankfully, though,” he said, “the kids have been really good about keeping me updated.”

The cast rehearses on stage (Luke Gagliardi)

According to Mr. Lampe, Covid-19 is still affecting students and their lifestyles. He said the biggest challenge has been facing the discipline of putting on a show. In particular, actors who are new to the stage, like senior Nicholas Bausch, were surprised by the “balancing act” between academics, sports, and rehearsal. Nevertheless, with three weeks left before showtime, Mr. Lampe would estimate that 90% of the ensemble numbers have been staged. Junior Kevin Granizo is grateful to Mr. Lampe for facilitating his aspirations to become an actor, and he looks forward to performing in his first musical.

Given the novelty of a largely first-time cast, Mr. Lampe has spent extra time and effort on technique. He works with the cast’s strengths and expects “fine work” regardless of performers’ experience level. His goal is simple: to entertain and impress. “I don’t want the parents to love it no matter what,” he said. “I want the parents to say, ‘Wow! I didn’t know my kid was capable of that.’”

Tickets for the four shows, to be held on March 24th, 25th, and 26th, are $18 each. They can be reserved by calling (860) 663-0470. The leads on Friday evening and Saturday afternoon are Jack Nye, Alissa Supik, Anderson Darr, Sofie Passante, Johnathan Paul, and Lexi Kinniburgh. The leads on Saturday evening and Sunday afternoon are Luke Gagliardi, Eileen Whittel, Brayden Esler, Ava Schmidt, Ryan Luciani, and Mia DiGiandomenico.