Morgan Musical Presents Little Shop of Horrors

Here’s What You Need to Know

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Ronettes and Seymour Musical Rehearsal
Leah Scoppa

The Morgan Musical is Little Shop of Horrors.

The Morgan Musical will occur on Thursday, March 31st at 7:00pm, Friday, April 1st at 7:00pm, Saturday, April 2nd at 7:00pm, and Sunday, April 3rd at 2:00pm.

Little Shop of Horrors is a musical about a human-eating plant that, in the end, eats everyone and gets large enough where it feels like it will eat the audience. Seymour discovers this plant that feeds on human flesh and blood. As it devours more and more people and blood, it grows bigger, Seymour keeps feeding this plant to keep all the fame and fortune this unusual plant has brought him. He keeps on going until he can not anymore.

This musical also follows the love storyline between Seymour and Audrey. Seymour, a meek botanist, falls for his co-worker, a ditsy blonde woman named Audrey.

Many students will be performing in this musical. It is a double-cast, so one cast will perform Thursday and Saturday,

Ronettes and Mrs. Harris Practicing
Leah Scoppa

and the other will perform Friday and Sunday.
Thursday night’s cast will star Cole Hornyak as Seymour, Leah Scoppa as Audrey, Joe Ciarleglio as Mr. Mushnik, Luke Gagliardi as Orin, and Brady Fritz as the plant.

Friday night’s cast will star Liam Whittel as Seymour, Kate Robinson as Audrey, Aidan Madura as Mr. Mushnik, Drew Nye as Orin, and Ryan Luciani as the plant.
The Ronnettes are the group of girls that will be performing on all four nights. The Ronnettes are Riley Kuever, Skylar Lane, Ella Saranich, Bean Whittel, Ava Schmidt, and Anna Fasulo.

Other cast includes Matt Menacho, Tyler Mucha, Chloe Allen, Edyn Ortiz, and Josh Nobitz.

Building the Set
Leah Scoppa

The director, Chorus Teacher John Lampe has been working hard with all the actors to make his vision come to life.

The cast is super excited about the musical and have been putting in a lot of work, whether it is learning choreography with Dance Director Dianna Harris or practicing lines and song with Mr. Lampe, everyone has been putting in a ton of effort.

Consumer Science teacher Susan Murphy manages the costuming, and her and her costume team of students has been holding fittings for the cast and getting costumes ready.

Library Media Specialist Shannon Robinson is the stage crew manager, and she makes sure everything runs smoothly behind the scenes and backstage.

Band Teacher Ray Smith helps with the technological aspect. He does the microphones, the lights, and anything that needs to be handled technologically for the show to be a success.

With the show just around the corner, some of the cast wants to share what they are most excited about.

Mushnik and Seymour
Leah Scoppa

Sophomore Bean Whittel said, “I’m excited for performing after a few years of not.”

Mr. Lampe said he is excited to see it all come together.

Senior Skylar Lane said, “I am excited for new experiences. As a senior, I haven’t done anything like this before.”

Sophomore Ella Saranich said, “I’m excited to be a part of this musical. It’s nice to meet all of these new people and make new friends.”

Mr. Lampe Directing
Leah Scoppa

Senior Katherine Robinson said, “I’m excited because this is a show I have never been in before. There are so many talented people, but they are all new because they come from different backgrounds.” Kate also said this is her senior year show and 30th musical, so it is an important moment for her because it is her last show.

Get your tickets and make your way down to the Morgan Auditorium starting Thursday, March 31, to Sunday, April 3 to see the amazing production.